Brussels Region keeps on imposing fines, but doesn’t collect them

The Brussels Region keeps on imposing fines to airlines taking off from Brussels Airport, despite the second conflict of interest launched by Flanders. The Brussels Region however doesn’t collect the fines, and the airlines don’t pay.

Ben Weyts, Flemish Minister of Mobility told press agency Belga that the Brussels Region is “manifesting a stubborn unwillingness to compromise“. He urges the concerned airlines (Brussels Airlines, Air Cargo Global and Singapore Airlines cargo) to contest the fines in court. Mr Weyts will also ask the Flemish government to intervene legally.

Brussels Airlines spokesman Geert Sciot confirmed to that the airline continues to receive fines imposed by the Brussels Region, despite “strictly following the instructions given by air traffic control“. “It’s a very difficult case because it’s political“, Sciot continued, “we hope there will be a quick solution at the negotiating table“.


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