The joint task force of Belgian employers and trade unions has asked all Belgian authorities to find solution on Brussels air routes


The “Group of Ten” – the joint task force from Belgian employers and trade unions, has sent a letter to all heads of all six Belgian governments, asking them to settle the dispute about the Brussels noise regulation in order to guarantee the employment at Brussels Airport, keeping in mind that Brussels Airport is the most important hub for the Belgian economy.

The “Group of Ten”, the highest negotiating body between trade unions and employers, has asked the various federal and regional governments in the country to work out a solution to the stalemate that has arisen around the noise at Brussels airport.

Employers and trade unions make this request in a letter to Prime Minister Michel. The letter was not only addressed to Prime Minister Charles Michel, but also to the minister-presidents of the different regional governments.

It is very exceptional that the Group of Ten decides on a specific case such as Brussels Airport. The social partners are concerned about the jobs at the airport and request urgent consultations. The discussion about the noise is at the moment completely blocked because the Brussels Region intends to introduce stricter noise standards during the early morning slot when many flights take off.

The importance is such that we have decided on a common initiative,” said FEB CEO Pieter Timmermans about the letter.

Article in Dutch:–beleid/overheid–beleid/zaventem-de-sociale-partners-trekken-aan-de-alarmbel_2017-06-01/

Letter in Dutch:–beleid/overheid–beleid/zaventem–les-partenaires-sociaux-tirent-la-sonnette-dalarme/brief-zaventem_nl.pdf

Article in French:–politique/pouvoirs-publics–politique/zaventem–les-partenaires-sociaux-tirent-la-sonnette-dalarme_2017-06-01/

Letter in French:–beleid/overheid–beleid/zaventem–les-partenaires-sociaux-tirent-la-sonnette-dalarme/brief-zaventem_fr.pdf

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