150 to court against Brussels Airport torture


At least 150 inhabitants of the region of Brussels went to court against what they call Brussels Airport “torture”

Hundred fifty inhabitants, living near Brussels Airport, are fed up with the noise pollution and went to court to “stop the daily torture of aeroplane noise”.

It is the first time that airport neighbours are going to court.

According to the plaintiffs, the regional law on noise pollution is not respected, hence they fear for their health and safety.

Charles Six, spokesperson for the plaintiffs, explains to several Belgian news outfits: “Inhabitants of Saint-Lambert-Woluwe, Evere, Laeken and Saint-Peter-Woluwe are fed up.
Their public health is at risk: they face a higher risk to get heart attacks. They are unable to open their windows due to the noise pollution and they have less social contact as they can’t invite friends and family to sit in their garden.

By this complaint we want to clearly show that we are fed up with the current situation, Brussels Airport is not respecting the 2004 law on noise regulation. We urge Minister of Transport François Bellot to take the appropriate measures.”

The 150 complaints have been filed in one case against Brussels Airport, Belgocontrol and Belgium (Federal State). Meanwhile, ten more complaints have been added.


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