Brussels Airport wins International Cargo Airport of the Year Award in India


Brussels Airport has won the International Cargo Airport of the Year award at Air Cargo India 2018. Brussels Airport was awarded for its strong development of the Brucargo freight division as a hub of pharmaceutical products.

Brussels Airport distinguishes itself worldwide by virtue of its specialised cargo infrastructure for the transport and handling of pharmaceutical and biotechnological products. With innovations such as the airside pharma transporter and an exhaustive collaboration with all logistics partners, the airport has been fully committed to the transport of temperature-sensitive products and uninterrupted cold chain transport for several years. Brussels Airport and IATA developed the CEIV Pharma certificate program together and Brussels Airport was the first airport in the world to receive this CEIV Pharma certificate in 2015 from IATA.

The International Cargo Airport of the Year Award in India recognises this pioneering role of Brussels Airport. The airport transported 536,000 tons of cargo per aircraft last year and experienced an 18% increase in the transport of pharmaceuticals. India is a very important country in terms of the production and transportation of pharmaceuticals. Belgium is also a global player: of the top 30 pharmaceutical companies in the world, 29 have an office in Belgium. Many pharmaceutical products are shipped as so-called belly cargo on board passenger flights. The Brussels Airlines to Mumbai route, which was launched in March 2017, is a crucial factor in this success story.

23 February 2018


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