Brussels Airport welcomes 1.7 million passengers in November 2015


Brussels Airport recorded a 5.3% growth in passenger numbers compared to November last year. Growth was negatively impacted by the heightened security level in our capital. Following the departure of Ethiopian Airlines, cargo transport at Brussels Airport for the first time this year shows negative growth.

In November Brussels Airport handled 1,694,200 passengers: up 5.3% on November 2014. The strongest growth for the whole of the month of November was recorded by Brussels Airlines and the low cost carriers as well as in the long-haul and transfer segments.

November started strongly due to the fact that the autumn mid-term break continued until the second weekend of November.  After the security level for Brussels was raised growth slowed down compared to the same period last year. Although the number of transfer passengers increased in this period, the number of originating and destination passengers decreased. European travellers in particular abandoned their plans to travel to Belgium and Brussels.

Cargo volume
In November, the cargo volume handled at Brussels Airport decreased by 5.7% on November 2014. The full freighter segment fell by a sharp -15.5% due to the departure of Ethiopian Airlines. The carrier had to move its cargo business elsewhere after they did not receive traffic rights in our country.

All over Europa air cargo transport is decreasing. As a result, Brussels Airport too recorded a 6.4% drop in belly cargo compared to November last year.

Courier services on the other hand did well at Brussels Airport in November. The volume carried increased by 2.3% in comparison with the corresponding month of 2014.

In November, the number of movements at Brussels Airport grew by 2.4% on November last year. The number of passenger flights increased by 1.7%.


December 10, 2015


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