Brussels Airport: wearing a mask made compulsory, or not?


Wearing face protection (mask or scarf) will be mandatory at Brussels airport from Monday 4 May, the Director of the Belgian federal government mediation service for Brussels Airport Philippe Touwaide said on Saturday to Belga news agency.

Earlier the same day, a spokeswoman for Brussels Airport Company said to Belga that wearing a mask would not yet be compulsory from Monday. She explained that the recommendations made by Celeval (the Evaluation Cel responsible for delivering public health opinions to advise the authorities in making decisions to fight the pandemic) are being analysed and the situation could therefore change.

Touwaide disputes this assertion, saying that “the ministerial decree could not be more clear. Wearing a mask will be compulsory in all places used for transport, including stations. This obviously includes airports.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport has already announced that the mask will be compulsory on its premice once it reopens. “It is a public place with a lot of passage and frequentation“, said its spokesman Vincent Grassa. Charleroi airport has suspended its commercial activities since the end of March and estimated that it would not reopen before early June.

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