Brussels Airport saves twice the circumference of the planet during Car Free Week


A reduction of 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide

The staff of Brussels Airport have committed to using their cars less for commuting during the Week of Mobility. Staff of all airport companies can commute to work by bus and train free-of-charge for a full week. Staff who come to work on foot or by bike will receive a reward.

Brussels Airport is a major multimodal hub. Various modes of transport converge at the airport: train, bus, taxi, car, bicycle and aircraft all connect seamlessly with each other. Passengers, visitors and staff increasingly use public transport at the airport, but also local commuters make use of Brussels Airport to transfer from one mode to the other.Given that Brussels Airport, as multimodal hub, is offering part of the solution for mobility in the region, the airport wishes to encourage its 20,000 members of staff to discover the various means of transport available. A communications campaign throughout the airport features the advantages of each means of transport.

During the campaign staff are given the opportunity to test an alternative means of transport for a full week. Hundreds of people have taken up this offer. Thanks to the cooperation of NMBS, De Lijn & MIVB, they can commute by train or bus for a whole week, free of charge. Staff who come to work on foot or by bike will receive a reward.

During this Car Free Week, the staff at Brussels Airport will save 74,000 car kilometres (or 4 tons of CO2) compared to other weeks. That is nearly twice the circumference of the planet.

In recent years, Brussels Airport Company and other airport companies have also organised a Car Free Day as part of the European Week of Mobility. This year, the airport has decided to offer its staff the opportunity to try out alternative means of transport for a whole week.

September 19, 2016



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