How Brussels Airport runway 01/19 will be renovated from July to September


Which works are we going to carry out?

Brussels Airport is planning major renovation works on runway 01/19 from 26 July to 25 September 2016. To minimise their duration and their impact on neighbouring residents and airport activities, the renovation works will be carried out in stages, including at night. During the works, runway use will deviate from the preferential runway system (PRS) [1].

The runways at Brussels Airport have to be thoroughly renovated every 30 years so that all aircraft movements can continue safely. Last summer, runway 07R/25L was thoroughly renovated; this year, it is cross runway 01/19.

What are we going to do?

The asphalt surface layers will be removed and replaced, the runway shoulders and drainage system will be renewed, the sewerage will be renovated and the runway lighting will be replaced by energy-efficient LED lighting

Work is carried out in different stages

  • 26 July to 7 August: Southern and central section, zone 1


The first stage of renovations on runway 01/19 will start on 26 July with the reconstruction of the southern and central section of the runway, together with zone 1 as indicated on the map. The asphalt will be scraped off and replaced, and the channel gratings removed and renewed. The sewers will be renovated using sleeving technology, via which a resin impregnated sleeve is placed in the original pipe and cures on the inside. Also, the installation of LED lighting on the runways will begin.

  • 7 August to 19 August: Southern and central section, intersection with 25R and zone 2


The second stage of the works begins on 7 August and will last 12 days. During this time, work on the southern and central sections of runway 01/19 will continue, and will begin on the intersection with runway 25 Right and zone 2. The asphalt will be scraped off and replaced, and the channel gratings removed and renewed. The renovation of the sewers and installation of the LED lighting will continue.

  • 19 August to 26 August: Southern and central section 24/7, intersection with 25R and zone 2 between 10 pm and 6 am


The third stage of the works will take one week and will start on 19 August. During this period, work on the southern section of runway 01/19 will be completed and work will continue on the central section.

Work will continue at night on the intersection with runway 07L/25R and zone 2 will be closed to traffic.

During this stage, the replacement of the asphalt, the renewal of the channel gratings, and the renovation of the sewers and the lighting will continue. A new sewage pipe will be installed at the intersection with runway 25 Right. Where possible, grooves will already be cut in the asphalt of runway 01/19.

  • 26 August to 25 September: Central section, zones 1 and 2


The final stage of the works begins on 26 August and will last until 25 September. During this stage, the central section, and zones 1 and 2 will be completed. In this stage, works will only be carried out at night which means that runway 01/19 will be available during the day. Works in this stage include the completion of the grooving in the asphalt and the LED lighting.


[1] Preferential runway system (PRS)
– Take-off from runway 25R, landing on runway 25R and 25L on weekdays, weather permitting
– Take-off from runways 25R and 01/19, landing on runways 25R and 25L at night and in the off-peak hours on weekends, weather permitting

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