Brussels Airport: police unions have rejected the proposal of the authorities


While negotiations seemed broken between airport police and the authorities, a new proposal was presented to the unions, the latter said to the Belga news agency. “A new and important proposal was presented to us,” says one of the trade union leaders.

It includes mobilizing additional 200 people who will be primarily responsible for screening at the airport. In addition, a preliminary screening of all persons working at Brussels Airport, including suppliers, would be made.

In this way, the Interior Ministry intends to address some claims of the airport police. It is currently unclear whether the commitments were made on the principal claim of the police unions, a guarantee of systematic control of all passengers and their luggage at the entrance of the check-in and registration hall.

A poster with the claims of the airport police unions

Unions have studied the proposal that was presented to them and decided to reject it.

Prime Minister Charles Michel has in turn launched Thursday a call for the resumption of negotiations between the airport management and the unions of the Federal Police at Brussels Airport for an early resumption of activities in Zaventem. Brussels Airport is “technically ready” for a partial resumption of passenger flights, after the green light Thursday received from the fire services and the Directorate General of Air Transport (DGTA).



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