Brussels Airport on the “Road to Rio”

Brussels Airport supports the fundraising campaign “Run to Rio” and the Belgian athletes on their road to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The airport not only sponsors the first ever Olympic marathLon: five Brussels Airport teams will compete in the race in the Bosvoorde hippodrome. For Brussels Airport it is important to support our Belgian top athletes and their teams.

As Belgium’s national airport Brussels Airport has the honour to sponsor the ‘Run to Rio’ project. With this project the Belgian Olympic Committee BOIC wishes to help Belgian athletes achieve top performance and Brussels Airport is happy to support this objective.
But we do not want to leave it at sponsoring and mere words. That is why in March, some 50 employees, under the patronage of former Olympic athlete Cedric Van Branteghem, started training to participate in the marathLon”, explains Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport. The runners were divided into groups depending on their running experience. They could participate in the programme in groups or individually at their own pace before or after work or during their lunch break. Half of them are now taking up the ‘Road to Rio’ challenge and are participating in the Olympic marathLon. Every team consists of 5 runners whereby one team member runs 15 kilometres, two run 10 kilometres, one runs 5 kilometres and the last one 2 kilometres. Which means that, together, they run the distance of a marathon.To Brussels Airport Company the race also was the perfect occasion to launch the “Start to Run” programme in the scope of a larger, company-wide feel good campaign.

June 19, 2015


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