Brussels Airport ombudsman denounces “regrettable corona incidents” at the airport


The long queues over the last three weekends in the departure hall of Brussels Airport have not gone unnoticed by Philippe Touwaide, the Federal Ombudsman for the national airport. In a letter to aviation authorities (Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet, the Federal Mobility Authorities and the Directorate General of Air Transport), he complains about overcrowding in the airport, chaos in the corona tests and non-compliance with the corona measures.

Touwaide points to people who do not wear a mouth mask and do not respect the social distances, about the chaos in the corona tests and the late delivery of their results, and about too many people in the departure hall.

The Ombudsman emphasises that compliance with the corona measures is “an elementary precautionary principle”. He specifies that his service was disturbed by “too many complaints during these weekends and in strict compliance with its missions“.

We ask you to take radical measures so that all the health rules decreed by the Minister of the Interior are strictly observed in the facilities of Brussels-National airport and that the management of Brussels Airport Company is reminded of these facts so that these serious shortcomings do not recur,” he added.

Brussels Airport acknowledged that there were some problems with the corona tests two weeks ago. “Because people without symptoms can no longer be tested by the doctor, we were suddenly overwhelmed by people living near the airport, but that problem has now been solved,” said Nathalie Pierard, spokeswoman for the airport.

On the other issues, she adds: “We urge our passengers to follow all the rules. “For example, wearing a mouth mask is mandatory and social distance must be kept. This is also announced in our buildings, while ground stickers also make the rules clear.

In recent weeks, there have been long queues in the departure hall and at the security check. Airport spokeswoman Ihsane Chioua Lekhli explained to that “some passengers arrive at the airport quite late, making queues much longer. So we tweeted about this again to remind people to get to the airport on time.”




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