Brussels Airport to offer a co-working platform thanks to Tribes


In 2018, the co-working facilities company Tribes is opening new offices in the Passport Building at Brussels Airport. The office building is currently under construction and will provide ultra-modern offices with a spectacular view across the airport’s tarmac. The connectivity with the rest of the world and the inter-modal transport hub at the airport, make Brussels Airport a unique workplace.

From 2018, the Passport Building at Brussels Airport will be housing the co-working facilities company Tribes. Tribes offers flexible and fully equipped work stations, offices, conference rooms and customised meeting facilities, and will be housed in the Passport Building, where KPMG and Microsoft will also open their offices, next to the Gateway Building that Deloitte has occupied since the start of the year.

“Thanks to over 200 direct connections with the rest of the world and the inter-modal transport hub, Brussels Airport is attracting an increasing number of leading, international companies for which mobility and accessibility are crucial in addition to the modern and exclusive environment. Following Deloitte, KPMG and Microsoft, the innovative concept of Tribes with flexible work spaces for individuals and companies, offices and conference rooms gives a further added value to the business centre at the airport”, says Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company.


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