Brussels Airport lowers airport tariffs by 5.2% and invests over €550 million in its infrastructure


Brussels Airport Company has fixed the tariffs for the use of the airport for the period 1 April 2016 – 31 March 2021 in consultation with the airlines and the Airport Regulator. The tariffs in 2016 will drop by 5.2% in comparison with the current regulated tariffs. Via the airport tariffs, Brussels Airport Company shall, in the coming years, give a financial stimulus to airlines that operate low-noise aircraft.

The airport tariffs at Brussels Airport are set in compliance with the legal requirements in the operating licence of Brussels Airport Company. After the consultation period with the airlines and the Airport Operator, the tariffs were fixed for the coming 5 years. These tariffs drop on average by 5.2% in 2016 to a fee of 26.38 euro for local departing passengers and to 16.76 euro for transfer passengers. From 2017, the tariffs will increase annually by 1.7% above inflation in the context of the investment plan for Brussels Airport.

The airport tariffs at Brussels Airport can be reduced thanks to the strong increase in the number of passengers at our airport in 2014 and 2015 and the continuous attention paid to cost control. Thanks to this drop in tariffs, Brussels Airport strengthens its competitive position. In comparison with the large airports around us in the Netherlands, France or Germany, our airport remains substantially cheaper for airlines and thus also for passengers. It offers the airlines the chance to grow further at Brussels Airport and to create jobs in Belgium”, says Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company.

The tariff is determined by four factors: a fixed fee for passengers per flight and a variable fee per flight linked to the weight of the aircraft, an environmental factor and the time of departure or landing.

In the framework of its environmental commitment and the efficient use of the airport, Brussels Airport Company is gradually implementing a rebalancing between the various fees. This is translated in an annual shift between passenger taxes and landing and take-off charges. This stimulates airlines to strive for a higher passenger load factor. Via the airport tariffs, Brussels Airport Company shall also give a financial stimulus to airlines that operate low-noise aircraft or only fly during the day. The aircraft generating the most noise will pay up to 2.8 times more for take-off and landing than the most silent aircraft. Flights during the day are also 3 times cheaper than night flights.

Brussels Airport Company will invest more than 550 million euro in the infrastructure until 2020 to offer passengers and airport partners an even more pleasant and modern environment and to adapt the capacity and the quality of the airport to their increasing needs. To achieve all this, the tariffs will rise annually by 1.7% in addition to the increase for inflation.

> Click here for detailed information about the airport fees.

December 17, 2015


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