Brussels Airport launches BRU crew, customer feedback 2.0


Lost Frequencies’ Felix De Laet kicks off the campaign

Today, Brussels Airport launches a new initiative.  Some 100 passengers will take a critical look at their journey from their front door to their gate. This initiative is part of a plan to further improve the quality of passenger services at the airport. To this end, Brussels Airport will be making use of the most innovative technologies including eye-tracking. Frequent flyer Felix De Laet of Lost Frequencies is lending his face to the campaign.

Brussels Airport is looking for 100 people who would like to be part of the BRU crew in exchange for a free same day return ticket to selected destinations in Europe. Figure-head of this campaign is Brussels-based Felix De Laet of Lost Frequencies, himself a frequent user of the airport: “Brussels Airport feels like a second home to me. As DJ I travel around the world to play my music to people. I immediately agreed when they asked me to support this project to make our national airport the crown jewel of our nation.

A selection will be made from the entries received so that a group can be formed that is representative of the various passenger profiles of people flying from Brussels Airport, from passengers travelling alone to families with children. You can apply to join the BRU crew between 11 and 17 August at for a return flight between 26 August and 2 September.

Before, during and after their journey, these passengers will be questioned extensively about their experiences at the airport. Via a diary app they can register their route through Brussels Airport. A selection of these passengers will also wear a pair of high-tech eye-tracking spectacles. Their eye movements are registered and this provides information on what immediately attracts their attention. The stress level of this group will also be measured at various stages on their route.

Using the reactions and results collected, Brussels Airport will set to work in autumn to actively improve and further develop services at the airport where possible. “At Brussels Airport the customer is at the centre of everything we do. So to us it seemed obvious that we should work together with our passengers to find ways to serve them even better. Their feedback is crucial for deciding what our airport and the services we provide should look like in the future,” says Arnaud Feist, CEO Brussels Airport Company.

Brussels Airport has for many years been collecting general feedback from passengers by means of questionnaires at the airport or online surveys. Every year, some 70,000 passengers are questioned about their travel experience. Questions and remarks we receive from passengers through social media, mail or telephone about their passage through the airport are also closely monitored. Satisfaction surveys have been carried out about all sorts of processes at the airport, such as accessibility, check-in, cleanliness, food and drink outlets, shopping, signage, staff friendliness, arrival experience, seating etc. Brussels Airport also applies high-tech measuring tools to monitor waiting times and the passenger flows and thus improve service.

With the BRU crew initiative and the use of innovative research methods, Brussels Airport is taking yet another step in proactively recording the needs of its customers and further developing the quality of the airport and the services it provides.

August 11, 2016


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