Brussels Airport is expecting almost 1.1 million passengers during the Easter holidays


During the Easter holidays, Brussels Airport is expecting close to 1.1 million passengers at the airport. After the careful resumption of bookings in this holiday period last year – with 900,000 passengers – this year’s Easter holidays are back to being a period in which people are looking for enjoyment and want to take a holiday. Sun destinations, city-trips within Europe, and holidays farther from home, such as to the United States and the Dominican Republic, are very popular. 

Nearly 1.1 million passengers will depart from or arrive at Brussels Airport between Friday 31 March and Sunday 16 April. Which is almost 200,000 more than in last year’s Easter holiday. Where there was a careful restart after the corona pandemic last year, this year people are once again travelling a lot during this holiday period.  Both Friday 31 March and Sunday 2 April are the busiest departure days during the first holiday weekend. This year is the first time that only pupils in Flemish schools are free during the Easter holiday. In the French-speaking schools, they do not have the two-week break until May. 

During the Easter holiday, travellers at Brussels Airport will be able to choose from 160 direct destinations. Sun destinations, such as Spain and the Canary Islands, Portugal, the Cape Verde islands, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Malta and Cyprus are very popular, as are city-trips within Europe. Favourite intercontinental destinations are the United States, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. 

The holiday starts at Brussels Airport 

The spring and Easter atmosphere is in full swing at the airport from today. Throughout the airport, passengers will encounter many floral decorations and original selfie walls, and between 30 March and 10 April, Easter bunnies will be handing out Easter eggs in the Piers. New shops in Pier A are the Magritte shop with a whole range of original products linked to the work of one of our best-known Belgian artists, and Urban Therapy, where you will find a lot of sustainable gift ideas. A quick purchase can be made in the automated Quick n’Easy shop and you can top up your vitamins at Guapa, which carries a wide range of fresh juices and smoothies. 

We would recommend people coming to the airport by car to book a parking space online in advance. The airport is also easily accessible by public transport and Flibco offers direct shuttle bus connections with Ghent, Bruges and Lille. On the Brussels Airport website, you can check the time you had best arrive at the airport for your specific flight and you can also check in advance the rules for hand baggage to ensure a smooth screening. Using the BRUce chatbot on the Brussels Airport website, you can receive flight notifications or ask all practical questions for a smooth and carefree journey!


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