Brussels Airport invests EUR 100 million in logistics buildings


Brussels Airport Company will be investing EUR 100 million in ultramodern logistics buildings. This investment will further strengthen the crucial position of Brussels Airport as the 2nd most important logistics cluster in our country, serving the top players in the aviation industry, including Kuehne + Nagel, Swissport, Dnata and Brinks, and many hundreds of other companies.

Today, more than a hundred different players in the logistics chain are already active at Brucargo, the cargo area of Brussels Airport. In this way, Brucargo offers Belgium a crucial platform for the import and export of many companies and is, after the Port of Antwerp, the 2nd most important logistics hub for international trade. The area is a crucial engine for economic growth in our country, not least because of its exceptional central location between all important industrial centres. Brussels Airport Company will be making large investments in the coming period to further strengthen Brucargo.

These investments are of huge importance for the logistics landscape in Belgium and are entirely in line with our Strategic Vision for 2040. With these investments, Brussels Airport will remain in the future a crucial hub for air transport and the logistic chains in Europe, at the service of many hundreds of companies in our country,” explains Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company. “It is also a strategic objective to offer more and in particular even better support to the many companies who work through air cargo transport and enabling them to more easily import and export their goods from and to the whole world. This not only ensures employment at the airport itself but also in various other sectors in all parts of the country.”

In recent years (between 2009 and 2013), three large air cargo buildings have been developed. Today, companies such as bpost, DHL GLOBAL Forwarding, Abbott and a number of specialised logistics companies make use of them.

In the coming 3 years, Brussels Airport will invest in total EUR 100 million in the development of ultramodern logistics buildings, which will be used by leading companies in the industry.

In addition, considerable investment will be made in the construction of a state-of-the-art
new build. Brussels Airport Company will be investing in a building of no less than
50,000m2 on the West Side of Brucargo, for 4 different companies. Kuehne + Nagel,
Dnata and WFS will be among the companies making use of these buildings for shipping,
packaging and temporarily stocking cargo. The new infrastructure is also specifically
suited for the handling of high-quality and temperature-sensitive products (such as
pharmaceuticals), products for which Brucargo is already recognised as one of the best
airports in the world. In this way, Brucargo further supports a number of key sectors in
our country, such as the many large pharmaceutical companies.

Brussels Airport will also redevelop existing handling buildings that have direct access to
the tarmac. The building in which handling agent Swissport is active shall, in the coming
3 years, be systematically transformed into a modern and energy-efficient storage and
office space. In total, it will have a surface area of 30,000m2.

An additional new building will provide a secured area for the specific transport of
extremely valuable goods. Brinks will be moving into this building in 2019. In addition,
Brussels Airport Company is investing in an exclusive inspection area of more than
2000m², fitted out in various temperature and/or light areas, for the temporary
accommodation and the shipment of various types of animals.

Brussels Airport, 9 March 2018


  1. That’s crazy, Brussels airport has lost the cargo market in Belgium already
    without mentioning the political mess and the total lack of guarantee for the future …
    desperate move of a dying beast.


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