Brussels Airport to host ACI World Congress in 2018


In 2018, Brussels Airport will be the host of the annual Congress and General Meeting of ACI World and ACI Europe, the professional associations of airports worldwide. Our country will, in 2018, welcome the whole international airport community for a threeday congress. This is a great honour and it is the first time our country has been awarded it. Undoubtedly it will give a boost to both tourism and congress life in Brussels.

The annual General Meeting of the Airport Council International (ACI World) in 2018 will be held in Brussels. Brussels Airport was chosen as host for 2018 at the General Meeting in Montreal. ACI Europe, the European branch of the organisation, has decided to organise its annual congress at the same time in Brussels.Says Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company:

For anybody working in the aviation industry, the Congress and the annual General Meeting of ACI World are events not to be missed. Thousands of representatives of airports worldwide attend each year and they will all be coming to our country in 2018 and thus give a boost to tourism and congress life here. After the attacks in our country, this type of initiative is more than necessary. I would like to encourage my fellow CEOs in Belgium to also bring important congresses to our country. In this way we can contribute to a new and better image for our country and we can give a new impulse to the severely affected congress and hospitality industry”

Each year, the General Meeting of ACI World brings together around 1,000 representatives of the airport industry from more than 75 countries. Some 40 speakers will expand on current themes from the aviation industry. Thanks to this congress, the hotels in Brussels can expect an additional 1,500 overnight stays.

Olivier Jankovec, Director General, ACI EUROPE commented:

We are delighted that Brussels airport will host the joint ACI EUROPE and ACI WORLD Annual General Assemblies in 2018. Quite aside from being the Heart of Europe, Brussels Airport is a very fine example of the business transformation that Europe’s airports have undertaken. Over the years, we have seen first-hand Brussels Airport going through tremendous change: getting privatised, bouncing back from the failure of its home based carrier Sabena, diversifying and successfully developing connectivity while lowering its own carbon emissions, expanding – and ultimately redefining the passenger experience with the Connector building it opened last year. Brussels Airport has also shown tremendous resilience and leadership in overcoming the terror attack earlier this year. For all of these reasons and more, I am sure airport and other industry executives will be motivated to come to Brussels for what promises to be the biggest industry gathering of the year.
ACI World represents 1.853 airport worldwide. It represents airports interests with Governments and international organizations such as ICAO, develops standards, policies and recommended practices for airports. ACI World unites the international airport community on common themes and projects, and provides information and training opportunities to raise standards around the world.Brussels Airport is a member of ACI World and ACI Europe. CEO of Brussels Airport Company Arnaud Feist is a member of the Board of Directors of ACI World and ACI Europe and from 2013 to 2015 was chairman of ACI Europe.

October 10, 2016


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