Brussels Airport: Flight missed, money back


Travellers who fly from Brussels to a destination within the Schengen Area will get by the end of this year the guarantee that they catch their aircraft if they arrive at the airport forty-five minutes before departure. If nevertheless they miss their flight, the price of their ticket will be refunded. That was announced by the CEO of Brussels Airport, Arnaud Feist, on the Belgian radio station in French language Bel RTL this Thursday during a programme commemorating the 6 months since the Brussels attacks.

The check-in procedures at Brussels Airport have been tightened since the terrorist attacks on March 22, but according to Arnaud Feist they are now working even more efficiently than before the attacks and the time has gone when passengers were asked to come three hours in advance when the airport reopened. Travellers must still undergo an additional check in outside tents before they can enter the departure hall, but this procedure is very fast. Feist said that these so-called pre-checks will probably disappear by December  to make way for ‘other measures’.

The interview [French][7:48]:


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