Brussels Airport expects 220,000 departing passengers in the first weekend of the Easter holidays



Brussels Airport will once again be welcoming large numbers of holidaymakers during the Easter holidays.  Never before in recent years, the numbers of departing and arriving passengers were this high. Passengers who depart from Pier A will be using the brand-new Connector building, which considerably reduces the time they need to walk from check-in to their gate. The Easter holiday rush already starts in the week prior to the Easter weekend, on Wednesday 1 April.  

A growing number of people use the plane to go on holiday during the Easter break. Compared to the Easter holidays last year, the airport expects the number of departing passengers to increase by nearly 6%.

Below you will find a forecast of the number of passengers departing from Brussels Airport:

Wednesday 1 April: 32,000
Thursday 2 April: 36,000
Friday 3 April: 41,000
Saturday 4 April: 33,000
Sunday 5 April: 40,000
Monday 6 April: 38,000
Spring is in the air at Brussels Airport
At the start of the Easter holidays a fresh spring breeze will blow through Brussels Airport. The departures hall is turned into a green garden with festive touches to get passengers into a spring mood.

Passengers who leave in the first weekend of the Easter holidays will enjoy the musical entertainment brought to them by our “Bunny-beats” who will also distribute over 30,000 Easter eggs.

In the shopping area of Connector and Pier B, passengers benefit from the many special spring deals on offer in the shops and restaurants.

Top destinations are sun destinations
Traditionally, many Belgians book a trip to the sun in the Easter break. Destinations on the Mediterranean are particularly popular. As in previous years, the top destinations served by the larger carriers at our airport are Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.

Practical tips
Passengers who leave during the Easter holidays had best arrive at the airport well ahead of their departure time. Especially on peak moments, between 7 and 10 am and between 4 and 7 pm, the airport may be extremely busy. Passengers are recommended to arrive at check-in two hours in advance for intra-European flights and three hours in advance for intercontinental flights.

To ensure a smooth passage through security, Brussels Airport wishes to remind passengers that liquids and gels in containers of more than 100ml are not allowed in the hand baggage. This restriction does not apply to liquids that were purchased in the duty free shops at the airport.  These will be put into a sealed plastic bag. However, the seal may not be broken until the passenger reaches their final destination. Exceptions to the liquids & gels restrictions apply for baby food and medicine.

Passengers who come to the airport by car, are advised to book a parking space in advance. More information about the car parks and parking rates at Brussels Airport is available on the airport’s website.

March 31, 2015


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