Brussels Airport departures hall and the Diamond building façades are being equipped with reflective safety glass


Final stage in the renovation works

Brussels Airport Company started the final stage of the renovation of the passenger terminal. The façades of the departures hall and the Diamond building will be entirely equipped with reflective shatterproof glass. The replacement is carried out window by window and will take several months. Brussels Airport Company invests 1 million euros in the purchase and installation of the new glass panes.

Brussels Airport Company has started replacing the glass façades in the departures hall by reflective shatterproof glass. In a later stage, the glass façade of the Diamond building will be equipped with the same type of glass. The replacement of the glass panes of the departures hall and Diamond building is the last important stage in the renovation of the terminal following the 22 March attacks.

The temporary glass that was placed after the attacks, is now being replaced window by window. This way, the airport operator aims to reduce the inconvenience for the passengers, and make sure that the works can be carried out in the safest possible way.

The first panes to be replaced, are the once located near the pharmacy in the departures hall. From there, work will gradually proceed in the direction of the Diamond building. The window panes in this building will be the last to be replaced. The entire replacement will take several months, with the exact duration depending largely on the weather conditions. Brussels Airport Company hopes to have replaced all of the window panes by the end of the year.

In deciding what type of glass to use, the airport operator took account of both the energy and safety performance of the glass. The glass that was chosen is high-performance glass that insulates 2 to 3 times as much as normal double glazing. This way the building needs to be heated less in the winter, and cooled less in the summer which considerably reduces our carbon emissions. Another element that was taken into account was the safety performance of the glass to reduce the risk of shattering glass on impact.

September 12, 2016


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