Brussels Airport is continuing its collaboration with JCDecaux for its advertising displays


Brussels Airport is renewing the contract with JCDecaux, whose presence at the airport is thus confirmed for the next seven years. JCDecaux will have the task of installing an online digital display system using the latest technological advances to increase the quality of passenger announcements even further.

The contract with JCDecaux, which has been operating at the airport since 2008, will end in December 2017. Following a competitive call for tenders, the operator responsible for managing all Brussels Airport advertising activities has been confirmed in its task for the next seven years; a new contract gives it exclusive rights to developing, installing, managing and operating all advertising within the airport and its surrounding area.

Brussels Airport has had advertising installations leading the way in Belgium for several years. JCDecaux has the goal of renewing the various types of display to remain at the cutting edge of technological advances in this field. The goal is an effective communication platform for the advertisers and high-quality visuals for the 21.8 million annual passengers”, states Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company.


Wim Jansen, CEO of JCDecaux Belgium-Luxembourg, stated: “We are delighted to be renewing our fruitful partnership with Brussels Airport. This new contract is true recognition of the JCDecaux expertise in offering innovative, high-quality advertising solutions and we shall thus be able to roll out a lasting, premium digital service within this major European hub. Headquarters of Europe and major institutions, Brussels attracts many delegations that pass through its airport and spark the interest of specific international advertisers. We should like to thank Brussels Airport Company for renewing its trust in us and we shall continue to make every effort to offer products and services capable of transforming the airport environment and improving the passenger experience whilst ensuring the best possible visibility for advertisers and their brands.”

Extra furniture and digital devices will be installed and Brussels Airports will be the first airport in Europe to have 85 inch screens for its digital network.

18 July 2017


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