Brussels Airport celebrates 60th anniversary with Belgian icons


Belgian icons are jumping for joy on Brussels Airport’s 60th anniversary

To mark its 60th-anniversary celebrations, Brussels Airport has called on various Belgian celebrities who are recognised beyond Belgium’s borders to launch its new nationwide campaign in our major cities. Pierre Marcolini, Kevin Borlée, Elodie Ouédraogo, Pascale Naessens and Blanche are just some of the big names who frequently use the airport and who are jumping for joy to celebrate this anniversary!

60 years well worth celebrating! Since the summer, Brussels Airport has been celebrating this anniversary with its staff, partners and, obviously, its passengers with a whole string of activities. Laying on entertainment events on 5 July, activities in the terminal, handing out small gifts to passengers and throwing a big party for all staff members and partners,

Brussels Airport has pulled out all the stops to celebrate all these years of development and growth but also to focus attention on all the promising years ahead.

As part of the celebration, a new campaign is kicked off on 1 October. For this campaign, Brussels Airport has called on its famous Belgian passengers from various backgrounds: sports, gastronomy, music, etc.

Celebrities who are literally jumping for joy to celebrate this anniversary. As such, on the sports side, our Belgian sprint specialists Kevin Borlée and Élodie Ouédraogo will be swapping disciplines and trying their hand at trampolining. Master chocolate-maker Pierre Marcolini and author, ceramicist and health food specialist Pascale Naessens will be doing likewise. As will Blanche, our entry for the Eurovision Song Festival, and Henri PFR, our DJ who is the envy of the world. Lastly – and also celebrating her 60th birthday this year -, Smurfette too is utterly cock-a-hoop.

This cheerful and good-humoured campaign will be running from 1 October across the country and will remain in place until the end of October in Belgium’s five major cities: Ghent, Antwerp, Liège, Charleroi and Brussels – as well as in the wider Brussels region.

Brussels Airport, 1 October 2018


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