[April Fool’s day story] Equatorial Congo Airlines (EC Air) next to the runway at Brussels Airport!!!

© Google Maps – (a more detailed picture at the bottom of the article)

An exceptional phenomenon was identified at Brussels Airport this Sunday morning: a Boeing 757 from Equatorial Congo Airlines (EC Air) ended up next to the runway! The aircraft (HB-JJE) is currently on the right side of runway 25L and appears to be no hindrance for the pilots who have to land. Not less than three Aviation24.be plane spotters are currently on the scene and are reporting!

Bram Botterman, a notorious Brussels Airport spotter, is currently on site: “I have absolutely no idea how the aircraft ended up there. So far there is no movement, probably the plane is nailed to the ground or at least chained. I even had the chance to take a picture of the aircraft!” (Picture at the bottom of the article)

Another spotter, who has been identified as Maarten Van Den Driessche, is also surprised with the position of the aircraft: “I have been to places like North Korea and the Marco Polo noodle bar in Bruges but this is amazing!

Cold-weather plane spotter Ivan Coninx finally has an explanation: “I think that I have found the answer!!! Check this link !!!

© Bram Botterman

Click on the image below to view the location of the aircraft:  

© Google Maps


  1. Probably an April 1st joke.
    Very bad joke, suggesting an accident is not funny and not done.
    Bad jokes like this have no place on an aviation forum, not even on April 1st.

  2. Guy’s,
    That 757 from EC air had been parked there for [b]month’s[/b]…!
    If I’m right it’s parked at taxiway/Apron P.
    They moved it to that position last year because it was taking up usable
    space at the cargo terminal. Nothing breaking News about this…

  3. you know that, but others don’t.
    using “breaking news-aircraft next to the runway” is a bad joke even on April 1st!
    Please remove this, it is not funny at all.


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