Bomb threat aboard two aircraft before landing at Brussels Airport


A pre-alert for a bomb threat was launched about two flights scheduled to land at Brussels Airport. “Some measures” were taken around 19:00, said the Federal Prosecutor. Both aircraft have since been able to land safely, one in Brussels, the other in Toulouse.

The medical disaster plan has been triggered. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office considered the threat “serious enough” to take action. Later, the rapid response team of the Red Cross announced that it was no longer on pre-alert. The crisis center spoke about a threat, but not a specific one.

Specifically, it is known that an Air Arabia Morocco flight (3O-115 from Nador) was diverted to land safely in Toulouse, but it is not known whether this aircraft actually received a threat. An SAS flight from Oslo (SK4745) has landed safely at about 20:00 in Brussels. According to TV journalist Bart Raes  from Woestijnvis /Proximus TV, the pilot would have received the alert 20 minutes before landing and passengers were told once on the tarmac. Passengers could disembark after waiting 10 minutes. It seems that another SAS flight, SK2591 from Stockholm Arlanda, also received a similar threat and landed safely in Brussels.

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