Belgian air navigation service provider Skeyes faces fines up to €20,000 per cancelled flight


Brussels Airlines has asked the court to impose fines on skeyes, the Belgian air navigation and traffic service provider for the civil airspace. After today’s social actions, the airline was forced to cancel 55 flights. The court has now ruled in favour of the Belgian airline.

Given the ongoing discomfort for our guests, we had no other choice than to seek the immediate restoration of an uninterrupted service provision in terms of air traffic management through the Belgian courts in order to safeguard our economic activities and reputation from any further harm,” the airline said, “the court has ruled in our favour. The court ruling gives Skeyes 12 hours to ensure a stable and continuous air traffic control management. In case Skeyes cannot fulfill its duties, a penalty payment is applicable.”

  • In case of cancellations, a penalty payment of 10,000 EUR per cancelled European flight and 20,000 EUR for a long-haul flight is applicable.
  • For delayed flights between 60 minutes and 120 minutes, a penalty payment of 10,000 EUR is applicable. All delays above 120 minutes will be charged with a penalty payment of 20,000 EUR.
  • For every flight that needs to be diverted, a penalty payment of 20,000 EUR will be applied.

This court ruling is valid until 26 May at midnight.

Brussels Airlines hopes that a fast and sustainable solution for an uninterrupted air traffic service delivery by skeyes will be reached for the interest of its passengers.

The airline claims that it lost more than 4 million EUR this year as a consequence of the social unrest at skeyes, without taking into account the loss in reputation and the fact that more and more passengers are opting for nearby foreign airports.


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