Brussels Airport back to normal late June; 100 check-in counters in 180 again available in May


Brussels Airport will return to full operational capacity by the end of June“, Arnaud Feist, head of Brussels Airport, told Belgian newspaper “Le Soir“.

In the month of May already Brussels Airport will return to 65-70% capacity, reusing part of the departures hall, said the managing director. One hundred check-in counters on 180 will be available again, in addition to 36 in the provisional hall.

The monumental work of Olivier Strebelle who was in the departure hall of Brussels Airport has been badly damaged by the attack of March 22 and will not be repaired. It will nevertheless remain at the airport where it will be installed at a new location, probably a place that will serve as a commemoration of the victims, said a spokesperson at Brussels Airport.

The bronze statue (“Flight in Mind“) was a well-known symbol and a meeting point in the departure hall of the airport. “In agreement with Mr. Strebelle, we decided not to restore the work of art” said Florence Muls, spokeswoman for the airport. “It will keep the scars of the attack.


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