Around 200 delayed flights at Brussels Airport


Air traffic at Brussels Airport is slowly picking up again after the many delays and cancellations at Brussels Airport on Monday due to intense snowfall. “About 300 flights were cancelled while around 100 flights got delayed on Monday“, told Brussels Airport spokeswoman Florence Muls.

Flight delays are also expected today as aircraft need to be de-iced. “There is a delay on about 200 flights, while 70 flights have been cancelled today“, the spokeswoman added.

Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight on the official Brussels Airport website (Brussels Airport) or directly via the airline. If your flight has been cancelled, do not come to the airport.

The Red Cross provided 500 camp beds for travelers that got stuck at the airport, another 500 camp beds were placed at Brabanthal, Leuven. That center could also be operational on Tuesday evening, the Red Cross announced. VRT news reports that hundreds of passengers spent the night at Brussels Airport, some of them slept on the ground “not to lose their place in the queue at the service desks”.

After the many delays and cancellations at Brussels Airport due to intense snowfall, passengers are now facing a new challenge: There are currently long queues at the airport security, passengers express their frustration on social media.


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