Agreement to end Swissport baggage handlers’ strike at Brussels Airport



At Swissport, one of baggage handlers at Brussels Airport, a possible end to the strike is in view. A reconciliation proposal between the management and the unions led to an agreement. It may still take several days before everything returns to normal at the airport.

Earlier in the day, a spontaneous strike by Swissport baggage handlers broke out at the airport. The staff complained about the increased workload following the attacks on 22 March.

Around 20:00 tonight a reconciliation meeting between management and the unions then yielded an agreement. There would be more temporary contracts and student employees would be added during the summer, including for the cleaning crews. The short shifts would disappear.

There is no agreement yet about a number of details, but the union representatives now want to defend the deal before their members. Moreover, the temporary contracts would be terminated immediately.

The unions are now defending those proposals with the rank and file, and according to them, most people respond positively. The few staff members who were present tonight at the airport, returned to work. The unions hope to be able to convince the morning teams of tomorrow. Still this does not automatically mean that tomorrow everything will be normal.

Because of the strike many people could only take hand luggage with them. That led to disruption and delays for landing and departing flights.

Source: Belga, VRT