Aftermath of Swissport handlers strike at Brussels Airport: how to retrieve delayed baggage?


As a consequence of the strike of Swissport Belgium workers, approximately 17,000 pieces of baggage remained at Brussels Airport: half of them belong to departing passengers, the other half to arriving travellers. Forty percent of the total was already delivered to their owners. Swissport is working on sorting the remainder.

Update 25 August – 6 pm

  • Baggage that was left behind on departure
    The passengers concerned are advised to wait until they are contacted by Swissport to arrange for the delivery of their baggage.
  • Baggage that could not be retrieved on arrival
    Passengers who do not wish to wait for their baggage to be delivered to them, are given the opportunity to pick up their baggage themselves.
    Passengers who did not collect their baggage by Monday evening 28 August will be contacted by Swissport.

    • What documents should you bring to collect your baggage?
      Your identity card or passport, the baggage tag and/or the confirmation of you missing baggage report and/or your plane ticket.
    • When and where can you collect your baggage?
      • Baggage from flights operated by Brussels Airlines:
        Passengers can collect their baggage in building 746 at Brucargo, on Saturday 26 August, Sunday 27 August and Monday 28 August from 8 am to 5 pm – GPS coordinates
        More details
      • Baggage from all other airlines:Passengers can pick up their baggage in the arrivals area of the terminal at the Lost & Found desk within the time slots:
        • Passengers who landed on Tuesday 22/08 before midday: Saturday 26/08 and Sunday 27/08 between 8 am and noon.
        • Passengers who landed on Tuesday 22/08 in the afternoon: Saturday 26/08 and Sunday 27/08 between noon and 5 pm.
        • Passengers who landed on Wednesday 23/08 before midday: Sunday 27/08 between 8 am and noon.
        • Passengers who landed on Wednesday 23/08 in the afternoon: Sunday 27/08 between noon and 5 pm.
        • All passengers: Monday 28/08 between 8 am and 5 pm


  1. I am just one of hundreds of passengers who, after nine days are still without luggage. Little or no updates or communication received from Brussels airlines or Swissport.
    This is a scandal and affects thousands of innocent people caught up in what is a repetitive action by Swissport. There are photos & videos online showing thousands of bags dumped in storage areas all over the airport. It’s reported the stench of rotting food and damp clothes is horrendous.


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