A World War II aircraft bomb was safely dismantled at Brussels Airport

An aircraft bomb dating from the Second World War was safely dismantled overnight. DOVO/SEDEE (Dienst voor de opruiming en vernietiging van ontploffingstuigen Service d’Enlèvement et de Destruction d’Engins Explosifs, the Belgian Army’s explosive ordnance disposal unit), has disabled the bomb without difficulties. Brussels Airport would like to thank DOVO/SEDEE, and all services involved as well as all partners at the airport for their collaboration.

During works on apron 9 at the cargo site, a World War II aircraft bomb was found on Monday 20 August. All works on the apron were stopped and, following the instruction of DOVO/SEDEE, a preventive safety perimeter of 100 meters around the bomb was set.

After inspection of the aircraft bomb, DOVO/SEDEE confirmed that there was no danger to passengers, airport staff or operations. As there was no immediate danger, DOVO/SEDEE decided to disable the bomb during the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.

DOVO/SEDEE was able to dismantle the aircraft bomb without having to detonate it. Brussels Airport wishes to thank DOVO/SEDEE and all services and partners involved for the good collaboration.

22 August 2018


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