A Monday morning wildcat strike at handling agent Aviapartner at Brussels Airport


A wildcat strike of handling agent Aviapartner at Brussels Airport hindered flights this Monday morning, according to a Brussels Airport spokesperson. Passengers will have to be more patient as part of the Aviapartner baggage handlers stopped working, a reduced capacity to load/offload aircraft. 

The spokesperson couldn’t provide more information on the length of the strike nor on the impact this will have on passengers and flights. The airport, however, remains certain that the situation will change in the short future.

Indeed, a glance at the airport’s departure page indicates that many flights have been affected with delays. Chances are high that many aircraft left Brussels without hold luggage, a burden for passengers. Arriving passengers will have to be more patient as it will take longer before their luggage arrive on the carrousel.

According to the unions, it was a “spontaneous staff meeting“, organised as part of negotiations on wages and working conditions.

Last year in February, Aviapartner staffers also stopped working, denouncing the high work pressure.

Wildcat strike at Brussels Airport handling agent

Wildcat strike of handling agent Aviapartner disrupts air traffic at Brussels Airport


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