17,500 night flights in 2018 at Brussels Airport, in line with legislation, says airport ombudsman


In an e-mail addressed to the Belgian Federal Minister of Mobility, the Brussels Airport ombudsman informs that the actual number of night flights will be approximately 17,500 flights for the whole year 2018.

This figure of 17,500 includes all flights operated at Brussels in 2018 between 23:00 and 05:59 by regular civil aircraft, military flights, helicopters.

Federal legislation provides for a maximum of 16,000 night slots, including a maximum of 5,000 night takeoff slots.

“Night time slot” and “night flight” are different notions.

The ceiling on the number of night slots granted for the year 2018 will be respected by the slot coordinator, who has allocated a maximum of 16,000 night slots.

The fact that there were 17,500 night flights is explained by:

– flights with day slots which operated at night due to delays provided that it is unintentional and non-repetitive
– a significant number of flights with military or diplomatic status
– a significant number of helicopter flights

The controversy at the beginning of every year comes from some attorneys who confuse flights and slots.

The conclusion of the ombudsman is very clear: the legislation has been fully respected.

 Brussels, Sunday, December 30, 2018


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