10,000 new seats at Brussels Airport


Increased comfort and the facility to charge smartphones, tablets, laptops and game consoles, relaxation areas: Brussels Airport is investing no less than 4 million euros in replacing the 10,000 seating capacity for passengers.


The comfort of the roughly 50,000 passengers whom Brussels Airport welcomes every day is a priority at the national airport.  Every effort is made to give passengers a unique experience during their transit, and so with this in mind, the Brussels Airport company organised a test setup to assess the comfort expectations of around 4,000 passengers. The mood of the passenger was taken into account, together with other factors, when evaluating the most suitable chair. The final choice fell to the Meda Gate model from the quality brand Vitra. From integrated electric sockets to the comfortable reclining chair that makes those longer waiting times in transit more pleasant: the flexibility of the model enables us to meet the needs of the various traveller profiles. The same basic model forms the starting point for ensuring a unity of style throughout the airport.

The first new chairs were installed on 1 December at the various gates in pier A and this will take two months to complete. Pier B will be fitted out at a later stage.

January 15, 2015


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