Update on closure of Berlin Brandenburg terminal


FBB closed part of the BER terminal on Friday this week as a purely precautionary measure. The reason for this measure is the current preparations associated with installation of the smoke extraction funnels on the terminal roof. Within this context, FBB has re-examined the actual roof loads, whereby the correctness of the statics of the BER terminal were officially confirmed: “The comparison of the global model indicates that the prevailing additional loads do not exceed those assumed and officially verified in the plans and that the static evidence supplied to date remains valid.” The expert also explained that individual TGA platforms display higher loads than originally assumed. In three of the 20 ceiling panels, it would appear that heavier flue gas fans were installed ahead of the original opening date in 2012 than assumed in the original plans. This necessitated new evidence of static structural safety. The FBB will now approach this task. The FBB has closed the respective areas according to regulations. These areas will be freely accessible once again following rectification of the TGA platforms.



FBB confirms that the local building control authorities of the district of Dahme-Spreewald issued an order this afternoon in the form of “a verbal, immediate end to construction in accordance with § 73, paragraph 1 BbgBO on the areas under the entire terminal roof“. As already announced yesterday, last Friday saw FBB closing a section of the BER terminal as a purely precautionary measure. As also announced yesterday, FBB will draw up new evidence of static structural safety for three of the 20 terminal ceiling panels on which the expert had established higher loads.



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