Positive overall growth at Berlin airports: Monthly figures in the red due to Air Berlin’s bankruptcy

Traffic Report November 2017

Since the beginning of the year, the cumulative passenger figures have been consistently positive and have grown by 2.8 % in total. The month-by-month passenger figures, however, fell by 13.7% in the first month after the discontinuation of all airberlin flights. With a decline of 21.1% in flight figures compare to November 2016, the passenger figures at Berlin Tegel Airport have decreased somewhat more significantly than in October. Schönefeld registered a slight decrease of 0.9%.

In this latest traffic report, you can find the figures for passengers, flight movements and air freight for November 2017 as well as cumulative figures from the start of the year, each in comparison to the same time period from the previous year.

Traffic figures from January until November 2017

  • Passengers: Between January and November, 13,167,410 passengers flew from Schönefeld and Tegel. That’s an increase of 2.8% compared to the previous year. In Schönefeld, 11,886,946 passengers took off and landed – that’s 11.9% more than the same time period in 2016. 19,280,464 guests flew from Tegel, 2.1% fewer than last year.
  • Flight movements: The collective number of flight movements in Schönefeld and Tegel rose to 257,798 take-offs and landings between January and November 2017, a decrease of 0.8% compared to last year. In Schönefeld the number of flight movements increased to 93,755. That’s an increase of 0.6%. In Tegel, there were 164,043 take-offs and landings, 4.3% fewer than in last year.
  • Air freight: In total, between January and November, 46,392 tonnes of air freight was registered, that means an increase of 8.9% in comparison to last year’s respective figures. In Schönefeld up until November, 8,465 tonnes of air freight were processed (+2.1%). In Tegel it was 37,926 tonnes (+10.5%).

Traffic figures November 2017

  • Passengers: In November 2017, 2,264,419 passengers took off and landed in Schönefeld and Tegel Airports. That’s a decline of 13.7% compared to the same month last year. 950,756 passengers flew from Schönefeld in November (-0.9%). In Tegel, due to airberlin’s bankruptcy, there were 1,313,663 fewer guests – in total, 21.1% fewer.
  • Flight movements: The number of flight movements at Schönefeld and Tegel sank to 18,022 take-offs and landings in November 2017, a decrease of 21.9% compared to November 2016. In Schönefeld, the number of flight movements sank to 7,868 (-5.0%). In Tegel, the number of flight movements sank to 10,154 (-31.4%).
  • Air freight: For air freight, 3,132 tonnes was registered at Schönefeld and Tegel airports, a decrease of 27.6% compared to November 2016. Air freight in Schönefeld amounted to 902 tonnes, which is 2.8% less than in November 2016. At Tegel, 2,230 tonnes of air freight was registered (-34.4%).

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