Luxair stops operating of the route between Saarbrücken and Berlin after 31 December 2019


Luxair Luxembourg Airlines will terminate the direct service between Saarbrücken and Berlin after 31 December 2019. The needs for a route with up to 3 daily and 18 weekly flights require the use of an aircraft specially dedicated for that route. Due to the huge effort involved and the need for these flights to be operated by a third party company on behalf of Luxair, it was unfortunately not possible to achieve economic sustainability.

Luxair realises the importance of the connection between Saarbrücken and Berlin. From the introduction of these flights, sustainable development and stimulation of the route were in the foreground.

Despite many recurring measures, the results have unfortunately not achieved economic viability. In addition, external and operational conditions in the aeronautical industry have deteriorated considerably in recent months and have therefore contributed to negative results.

Customers who have already booked flights between Saarbrücken and Berlin beyond 31 December will be contacted by Luxair and the airline tickets will be refunded.

Luxembourg, October 30, 2019


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