Extra check lanes in new Terminal C improve handling at Berlin Schönefeld


Increasing passenger figures at SXF: Extra check lanes improve handling

At Berlin-Schönefeld Airport, all passengers travelling with hand luggage only and who have already checked in can now avail of three new security check lanes. Enabling handling of up to 500 more passengers per hour. For travellers, this means faster handling through shorter waiting times ahead of the security checkpoint.

The new check lanes are in Terminal C which underwent conversion measures between June and early November 2015. This increases the number of check lanes at Schönefeld Airport from 12 to 15. To facilitate orientation, almost 140 signs in the passenger orientation system were adapted en route from the train station to the terminal buildings. These new signs clearly indicate that Terminal C is intended for passengers travelling with hand luggage only

Details on Terminal C

Terminal C at Schönefeld Airport is located between Terminals A and D and was built in 1984/85. It is 2.92 metres high and, with its external dimensions of 13 x 43 metres, covers an area of around 560 square metres. It was most recently used by the airport company Visitor Service and Air Service Berlin.

Conversion to the new requirements entailed modification of all technical systems such as electricity, water, fire alarms and air-conditioning. Furthermore, six new rooms were set up for the federal police and Securitas, two additional escape doors were installed and the skylights fitted with additional sun protection. During the same period, a new control centre was built for the federal police.


I tried those new lanes in new terminal C on 18.11.2015 after arriving at the airport barely 45 minutes before my flight: swift check-in, I didn’t miss my plane


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