Berlin airports Summer flight plan 2018: Numerous destinations from Berlin Tegel


The summer flight plan offers a variety of travel destinations and flight connections. A total of 89 airlines connect Berlin and Brandenburg with 185 destinations in 15 countries. The summer flight plan comes into effect on Sunday 25th March 2018.

“It’s good that the growth at Tegel Airport is picking up speed again. easyJet, Eurowings, Germania, in addition to many other airlines, are repositioning themselves and offering many additional connections from Berlin. This strengthens the capital’s region as an airport location and as an economic region”, says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, Chief Executive Officer of Berlin Brandenburg GmbH. “Simultaneously, Berlin is offering attractive long-haul connections to Singapore, Toronto, New York und Beijing this summer.”

Berlin Tegel

With a total of fifteen inter-continental connections, including six long-haul routes, 107 European destinations, 10 domestic connections as well as increased frequencies, the summer flight plan offers a worldwide, diverse flight plan from Tegel. A total of 64 airlines fly from there to 132 destinations in 46 countries. The top travel destinations from Tegel are the domestic connections to Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf as well as Zurich, Vienna and Palma de Mallorca in Europe.

• From 20th June 2018, Scoot, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, will be flying from Tegel to Singapore, four times a week. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, a Boring 787 Dreamliner will make the journey, direct, to the Southeast Asian island and city state.

Delta Air Lines will be flying direct from Berlin to New York (JFK) daily from 5th May 2018. This route will be flown until the end of October this year.

Air Canada Rouge will be conducting their direct connection to Toronto again from 5th June. The connection to Canada’s largest city, which started in 2017, will be available four times a week. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday the Boeing 767 will take off from Berlin Tegel. The flight times were optimised: Departure from Tegel is now 12:00, midday. The return flight lands at 10:30am again in Tegel.

• The British airline easyJet is offering a wide range of new destination from Berlin Tegel this summer. Amongst them are the new domestic connection to Cologne-Bonn as well as popular summer destinations in Italy, France and Spain. From the start of May, they will be flying to Faro (Portugal, three times a week), Pula (Croatia, up to three times a week) and Naples (Italy, up to seven times a week). In June, the addition destinations of Jerez (Spain, two times a week), Venice (Italy, up to seven times a week), Alicante (Spain up to five times a week), Cephalonia (Greece, two times a week) and Cologne-Bonn (up to 33 times a week) will be added to the flight plan. The famous orange aeroplanes will take off, headed for Nice on the Côte d’Azur in France (two times a week) as well as Brindisi in Italy (up to four times a week) from the start of July 2018. Ancona (Italy, two times a week), Belgrade (Serbia, up to four times a week), Biarritz (France, twice a week), Cagliari (Italy, three times a week), Corfu (Greece, up to two times a week), Genoa (Italy, twice a week), Gothenburg (Sweden, daily), Graz (Austria, three times a week), Ljubljana (Slovenia, three times a week), Minorca (Spain, up to three times a week), Montpellier (France, three times a week) and Oslo (Norway, daily) will be available from the start of August 2018, in addition to Granada (Spain, twice a week) from the start of September 2018.

• The German company Eurowings is doubling its range of flights from Berlin Tegel. In particular, the frequency of their domestic flights will increase. They will be flying to Stuttgart up to 14 times a day (as opposed to the current 10 times a day). They will be flying to Düsseldorf 14 times a day (as opposed to 9), Cologne-Bonn up to 18 times a day (instead of 11) and Nuremburg up to four times a day (instead of two). Additionally, five new destinations will be included in the flight plan from Berlin. Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (Germany) and Salzburg (Austria) will be available twice a day as part of the airline’s flight plan. From 28th April, Eurowings will be flying to the Channel Island of Jersey, as well as Newquay (both Great Britain), every Saturday. The destination of Lamezia Terme (Italy, also Saturday) will be added from 5th May. In addition, the connection to Palma de Mallorca will be increased from seven to 19 weekly flights.

• The German airline Germania is further increasing their air traffic from Berlin Tegel. Popular summer travel destinations in Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Spain are available as part of the airline’s flight plan. From May 2018, Germania will be flying to Dalaman in Turkey (once a week), Faro (two times a week) and Madeira in Portugal (once a week), to Heraklion (three times a week), Corfu (once a week), Kos (twice a week) and Rhodes in Greece (twice a week), to Marsa Alam in Egypt, as well as Palma de Mallorca (Spain) daily. The additional destinations of Gaziantep, Kayseri and Samsun in Turkey will be added in June. All three will be available once a week.

Braathens Regional Airlines will be taking over the connection from Berlin Tegel to Växjö-Småland in Sweden from 30th May 2018. Visit the homeland of Pippi Longstocking twice a week, every Friday and Sunday.

SkyWork Airlines is now flying daily (apart from Saturdays) to Graz in Austria. The route is part of a so-classed W-flight: Bern – Berlin Tegel – Graz – Berlin Tegel – Bern. • From 1st June, Ryanair will be flying from Berlin Tegel to Palma de Mallorca every day apart from Saturday. The connection is seasonal and will only be available until 31st August.

• The polish airline LOT will be increasing its flights to Warsaw in Poland form 1st July 2018. The route will then be flown three times a day.

• From 26th April 2018, the Russian airline Pobeda, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aeroflot, will be increasing their air traffic in Berlin Tegel. Twice a week, every Thursday and Sunday, the airline will be connecting Berlin with Moscow Vnukowo airport.


A total of 34 airlines will be flying from Berlin Schönefeld to eleven international and 108 European destinations in 42 countries this summer. On top of this, a domestic connection to Cologne-Bonn will also be available. The most popular travel destinations from Schönefeld are Moscow, London Gatwick and Barcelona.

• New from 26th March 2018, Georgian Airways will be connection Berlin Schönefeld with Tbilisi. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday the Georgian airline will fly to the capital of Georgia.

• The new winter connection from Ryanair – Billund in Denmark (four times a week), Kerry in Ireland (twice a week) as well as Krakow in Poland (daily) will be added to the summer flight plan.

• Also, the German airline Germania is increasing their flight offers from Berlin Schönefeld. From May 2018, flights to Heraklion, Kos and Rhodes in Greece (each twice a day), Marsa Alam in Egypt (once a week), as well as Palma de Mallorca in Spain (three times a week) will be available. From the end of June, the airline will also be flying once a week to Adana in Turkey.

• New to the Berlin Tegel summer flight plan from easyJet is the destination of Zadar in Croatia. Twice a week, they will be flying to the city on the Dalmatian coast from 27th June 2018.



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