BER Airport business plan for 2018 approved: Master plan BER 2040 model for the future


In its meeting today, the Airport Supervisory Board decided on the business plan for 2018, agreed in principle on the master plan BER 2040 for the infrastructural development of the BER single airport, and was informed about the progress of the completion of the construction.

The approved business plan anticipates a more or less consistent result for the year, of over €100 million EBITDA. Despite the insolvency of airberlin, it is expected that passenger numbers will easily rise above 34 million, which will increase revenue in both aviation and non-aviation sectors. However, expense increases totalling more than €10 million for maintenance and refurbishment in TXL (including a TXL 3.0 operating security programme of €5 million), and expenses for personnel and for repairs at the existing airports, are also forecast in comparison to the previous year.

The master plan BER 2040 as a strategic model was another focus of the meeting. After intensive discussion, the Supervisory Board agreed in principle on the master plan BER 2040 as a strategic model. Specifically, the construction of the new T1-E terminal is pending, for which planning permission will be requested later this year. Other upcoming projects include, amongst others, the extension of Pier Nord, and the expansion of aircraft operation services and operational optimisation at Schönefeld airport. In the 2018 business plan, funds were allocated for studies relating to construction and technical issues, including Terminal 2. The logistics and transport concepts are also being further developed in terms of planning.

The Supervisory Board was informed in detail about the current status of the construction completion at BER. Key issues such as the commissioning of doors and sprinklers have made further progress. Meanwhile, more than 80 percent of the doors are completed and ready for use. In addition, 77 percent of the hydraulic calculations for the sprinklers have now been completed. 61 percent of the expert assessments have been completed for the systems requiring inspection.

The technical and commercial clarifications with construction companies are progressing well. Deadline risks continue to be identified, assessed and tracked in the course of technical risk management.

The Supervisory Board will discuss the start-up date for BER at the extraordinary meeting on 15 December.

Secretary of State Rainer Bretschneider, Chairman of the Supervisory Board: 

The primary goal of our work remains the fastest and smoothest possible commissioning of BER. In addition, however, important decisions must also be made, which are summarised in the master planning, which we also discussed today.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, CEO Berlin Brandenburg GmbH Airport:

The master plan 2040 was met with broad approval from the Supervisory Board. The high quality of the master plan has also been confirmed by experts at Zurich Airport, who have been directing the development of their airport for years with a strategic master plan. Our master plan will also give the airlines, the regional economy and all other partners and service providers a clear direction for the development of the airport location, which has been missing so far. This makes the master plan the strategic model for the future of BER.


Guiding principle of today’s decision of the Supervisory Board about the master plan

“The Supervisory Board takes note of the expanded reporting on the master plan BER 2040 and in principle agrees with the strategic model for the infrastructural development of BER in the midfield. He asks the management to continuously review and update the master plan BER 2040 in the process of implementation.”



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