Catalan protesters block Barcelona El Prat Airport


The Catalan independence platform “Democratic Tsunami” managed to cause a major blockage at Barcelona airport. The separatists are protesting against the many years of imprisonment that the Spanish Supreme Court imposed this morning on former Catalan ministers, following a declaration of independence in October 2017.

The separatists foresee at least a week of blocking in Barcelona to protest against the verdict of the Supreme Court that condemns the separatist leaders to tens of years in prison. The platform “Tsunami Democratic” launched the surprise blockade of the airport at noon. To prevent the militants from arriving at El Prat, the authorities in the afternoon closed the subways and trains that connect Barcelona to the airport. No matter, the over-motivated protesters made the journey on foot, blocking the Gran Via.

Thousands of protesters are currently in the airport facing very nervous police. They went through the staff doors to access the boarding area. In fact, the security forces blocked the access reserved for the workers of El Prat. However, this police cordon prevented the staff from accessing the airport. Thus, Vueling has cancelled more than 20 flights. The departing and arriving planes also have significant delays.

From time to time the police charge and send smoke but the protesters are not leaving the scene.


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