Woman spraying a fire extinguisher on airport employees arrested at Atlanta


A woman from Ohio, United States was arrested at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Tuesday after she assaulted ground staff and police officers with a fire extinguisher. 27-years-old Jennifer Kaye Holder allegedly left a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant without paying for her meal.

The incident happened in concourse D after security officers reported that a Delta Air Lines passenger was attempting to open a secured door.

Officers attempted to make contact with the female, but she was non-compliant and sprayed officers with the fire extinguisher,” the police report stated.

Police say Holder continued to “behave erratically and combative, by spitting and kicking at officers” while they placed Holder into custody. She was evaluated for minor injuries.

The Ohioan was taken to Clayton County Jail and faces charges of obstructing law enforcement officers, two counts of simple assault, and three counts of simple battery, according to online jail records.

A video that appeared on social media show a disgruntled Holder arguing with airport staff and spraying the fire extinguisher:


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