Shared cars: from now on also at Antwerp Airport!


In the context of sustainable development, Antwerp airport wants to develop further into a modern mobility centre. Every new measure or action taken within the framework of sustainability also takes local economic growth into account. With this, the airport not only wants to create added value, smoothly and quickly, for travellers/passengers, but also for its surroundings.

The airport offers its contribution by guaranteeing 3 parking places for shared cars on parking P2 and also 6 electric cars can be charged at the same parking place at the same time. The parking operator INDIGO provides 3 new charging points. Parking 2 (P2) is directly opposite the airport building and next to the existing station for shared bicycles. Today there is room for 36 bicycles.

This form of cooperation between POPPY (provider of shared cars), INDIGO and Antwerp Airport fits in seamlessly with the overall vision pursued by the airport. After all, it aims for sustainable growth with respect for the environment and community. It is an initiative that is also supported by the Mobility Cabinet of the city of Antwerp, headed by Mr Koen Kennis, Alderman for Mobility.

Koen Kennis:
In the meantime, sharing mobility has become established in our city. I am therefore convinced that this offer meets demand. The ease of use of Antwerp airport is thus considerably increased.”

Such a green and innovative concept is a highly topical theme that POPPY, as the market leader, eagerly pursues.

Nick Van den Eynde, City Manager Antwerp:
Poppy Mobility has been present in Antwerp since the beginning of 2018 as the only shared car platform of Antwerp residents for Antwerp residents. In our development, the Cabinet of Mobility has always tried to find out how we can best find a solution to improve mobility in and around Antwerp. Extending our services to Antwerp airport is also part of this. We provide the Antwerp airport with cars from our 100% environmentally friendly fleet of electric e-Golfs and hybrid Audi A3 gTrons. The INDIGO charging points in the vicinity of the parking places where customers can leave their Poppy car are a big plus. We are very happy to be able to offer this much-requested solution to our customers, a real added value for our customers and for the airport. ”

In short, an extra service that leads to zero nuisance for the neighbourhood and surroundings has a positive impact on the environment and moreover benefits the passengers, therefore fully supporting the airport.

If, after a while, it appears that the demand for shared cars with ‘airport’ as the ‘parking lot’ at Antwerp airport and the current supply is no longer sufficient, the number of ‘shared cars/parking spaces’ can be increased after critical evaluation by the company POPPY and the parking operator INDIGO.

Thursday, December 5, 2019


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