Royal Antwerp Aviation Club welcomes for the first time an electric aircraft at Antwerp Airport on Saturday 15 September 2018


On Saturday 15 September 2018 at 18h00, an innovative electric aircraft will be landing at Antwerp Airport for the first time, namely the Pipistrel Alpha Electro. The electric and sustainable aircraft will be welcomed by the Royal Antwerp Aviation Club (RAAC).

blankThe RAAC will set up this unique aircraft together with a historic Stampe & Vertongen SV4 double-decker at the General Aviation parking at Antwerp International Airport. This ultralight aircraft will also spend the night in the warehouse of the Royal Antwerp Aviation Club.

The Pipistrel Alpha Electro is a typical low-noise and sustainable (zero CO2 emissions) training aeroplane. With the arrival of this unique aircraft, the history and the future of aviation come together at the airport of Antwerp. The two-seater electric aircraft is primarily intended as a sustainable training aircraft and is fully geared to the needs of flight schools. The Alpha Electro is optimised for small routine operations, of which 13% of the energy is recuperated with each approach.blank


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