Quiet end-of-year period (-90.7%) at Antwerp Airport, which is fully preparing for 2021


The second lockdown has ensured that it was again exceptionally quiet at Antwerp International Airport. In November, the airport welcomed 1,910 passengers at the airport. This is a decrease of 90.7% from the 20,532 passengers in November 2019.

The decrease in the number of passengers is due to the temporary suspension of the flights of TUI Fly from 9 November. At the beginning of November, there were still a few flights to Alicante. The occupancy of these flights was very good. TUI Fly has decided to temporarily centralise their flights in Brussels between 9 November and 11 February 2021. The airline did confirm that Antwerp Airport will remain important to them in the future.

In November, Air Antwerp operated its flights to London City with an adjusted flight schedule. Due to the persistent travel restrictions, the demand for flights to London is limited. That is why Air Antwerp temporarily suspends flights between November 30 and December 31.

The stricter corona measures in Europe also have an impact on the number of business flights. For example, we notice a decrease of 41% compared to November 2019. Traditionally, autumn is a bit quieter in terms of business flights. The decline is now slightly greater and is believed to be due to the second wave of the coronavirus affecting much of the world.

December will be a very quiet month at Antwerp airport, but that doesn’t mean employees are sitting still. They look forward to 2021 in good spirits and are doing everything they can to offer passengers a safe and comfortable departure again in the new year.

Thursday, December 3, 2020


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