Antwerp Airport announces October 2018 traffic figures (-12.1%) and a new airline to London City


Next to the October 2018 passengers figures, according to which Antwerp Airport lost 12.1% passengers compared to October 2017 mainly due to the loss of traffic of defunct VLM, the airport announced a new airline to connect Antwerp with London City Airport. 

For 25 years, the direct route between Antwerp and London City was the absolute flagship for the airport. In an interview with Het Laatste Nieuws, Antwerp and Ostend airports CEO Marcel Buelens said: “From 2019, you will be able again to fly between Antwerp Airport and London City Airport“. Which particular airline is still unknown (*), but the CEO is hoping to make an announcement mid-December. “I think we will announce even more business destinations,” the CEO added.

(*) some forum members think of La Nova as new airline.

Comparison between October 2018 and October 2017

21,835 in October 2018 compared to 24,833 in October 2017 (-12.1%)

2,744 in October 2018 compared to 3,163 in October 2017 (-13.2%)

196 ton in October 2018 compared to 208 ton in October 2017 (-5.8%)


  1. The most ridiculous “airport (?)” in the world. At 50 km from THE international airport of BRU….


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