Difficult recovery for Antwerp Airport in August (-62.8%)


In August, 12,415 passengers travelled via the regional airport of Antwerp. This is an increase of 10.6% compared to the July 2020 figures.

The number of passengers decreased by 62.8% compared to the 33,379 passengers that Antwerp Airport welcomed in August 2019. The recovery was delayed last month as the coronavirus regained strength and the number of infections rose again as a result. This factor caused people to travel less. In addition, the number of infections also increased abroad, which made some destinations of TUI fly such as Ibiza, Palma and Split red zones for Belgians. As a result, these flights were cancelled until September 22, 2020. In the last week of August, TUI fly deployed a few empty aircraft to repatriate travellers who were still on holiday at these destinations.

We also saw the number of movements at the airport decreasing by 22% compared to August 2019, not only scheduled flights, but also business flights.

Air Antwerp has delayed the restart of flights to London City until September 14, 2020. From then on, the airline will connect Antwerp and London four times a week.

It is expected that further recovery will continue to be difficult and will be very dependent on people’s travel behaviour as well as on the evolution of COVID-19.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020


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