Antwerp and Ostend-Bruges among the world’s best airports, says Belgian consumers association


The Belgian consumers association very enthusiastic about Flemish airports

Ostend-Bruges Airport departure hall (Picture VRT)

Test-Aankoop asked the opinion of over 11,000 travellers about airports. The international airports of Antwerp and Ostend-Bruges both received an exceptionally good appreciation for quality.

On average, Flemish airports received the highest score from all Belgian airports, with Antwerp even being ranked top five after Singapore Changi, Tokyo Narita, Porto and before Doha International Airport. Both airports scored far better than average in terms of safety, signalling and security control.

Antwerp Flanders International Airport

Of the 178 airports worldwide, Antwerp Airport is ranked fourth. Airport Antwerp is also the only airport in Belgium that receives 5 stars and scores better than average in terms of global satisfaction. Test- Aankoop gives a special good rating to Antwerp Airport for signalling. The participants in the survey assessed this with an exceptionally high figure of 8.2/10. Furthermore, the safety check, which is traditionally one of the least popular elements for travellers, was assessed by 7.7/10 and the overall sense of security on the Airport with 8,4/10.

Ostend-Bruges Flanders International Airport

Test- Aankoop gives exceptionally nice figures to Ostend Airport. The participants assessed the safety feeling by 8/10. The safety check, which traditionally means one of the least popular elements for travellers, was assessed by 7.7/10 and the signalling at the airport by 8/10.


Marcel Buelens, CEO of Antwerp Airport and Oostende-Brugge Airport, said today: “This is a magnificent acknowledgment for our full team, which makes every effort to ensure passengers a safe and comfortable travel experience from our Airports. The results of the Test-Aankoop research prove that, despite the increase in security measures since last year, our terminal and especially our staff perfectly meet the wishes of an increasing number of travelers, in addition to having a pleasant experience, to ensure a safe journey.”

Thursday, May 11, 2017


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