Antwerp Airport traffic figures July 2019: -2.8%


Comparison between July 2019 en July 2018

32,958 in July 2019 vs. 33,912 in July 2018 (-2,8%)

3,569 in July 2019 vs. 3,666 in July 2018 (-2,6%)

291 tonnes in July 2019 vs. 281 tonnes in July 2018 (+3,6%)

Smooth travel via Antwerp Airport. Also during the busy summer month of July.

Despite the busier month of July, people can look back on satisfied passengers at Antwerp Airport.

A smooth check-in, limited waiting times at security and passport control, fast handling of baggage on both departure and arrival are aspects that have contributed to achieving high customer satisfaction. The small airport has that kind of assets in-house and travellers experience this on departure and arrival at Antwerp airport.

In the month of July, there were 32,958 passengers. There were exactly 2.8% fewer compared to 2018 (33,912).

It can be said that the extensive capacity expansion of TUI fly to popular destinations such as Alicante, Malaga, Ibiza, Nador and Split have largely contributed to compensate for the loss of VLM passengers. Moreover, we also note the newcomers, Lublin and Enfidha, as attractive destinations since the spring. Tangier then saw its frequency rise to three flights a week in July due to strong market demand.

The number of passengers travelling from Antwerp to London Southend with Flybe remained unchanged in July despite the increase in frequency (6 flights per week).

The global number of movements fell slightly in July (-2.6%). This can be explained by a smaller share of scheduled and business flights. Note that the number of business flights still represents 37% of the total number of movements. In addition, the number of passengers in this segment also increased further.

The “on-time performance” achieved a score of 97.6% in July. This is a strong figure for European airports.


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