Antwerp Airport looks ahead after a difficult period


The June 2020 figures are still subject to the influence of COVID-19. Also in June, there were no commercial passenger flights at Antwerp airport. This, therefore, has a significant impact on the figures.

Last month Antwerp Airport registered only 2,894 passengers. This is 90.8% less compared to 31,429 passengers in June 2019. Under normal circumstances, June is one of the top months for the airport. Last quarter, April through June, passenger numbers decreased by 95% to 4,226 from 83,773 passengers in the second quarter of 2019.

The number of movements fell less sharply in June. For example, there were 3,106 movements in June, which is 12.1% lower than June 2019 (3 ​,533). From mid-May, some light aviation restrictions were lifted, which were further supplemented by the lifting of the restriction to local flights (A to A non-stop) on 08/06/2020. As a result, flights with small (sports) aircraft and flying schools were allowed again. This evolution resulted in a significant increase in traffic at the airport. The sharp increase is probably due to the fact that many hobby pilots had more time, the favourable weather conditions, a catching-up movement of the flying schools and calmer airspace than in normal circumstances. In addition, we also notice that business flights are gradually resuming. The total number of movements increased, but is not yet at the level of 2019.

The airport is currently looking forward to the restart of TUI fly. The first flights to Split (Croatia) and Ibiza (Spain) will depart on Friday 10 July. From then on, it is expected that the number of passengers will rise again, although we must also take into account the adjusted and limited summer programme of TUI fly.

Friday, July 3, 2020