After a difficult month of May (-95%), improvement is expected for Antwerp Airport


May’s results are still affected by COVID-19. Since mid-May, some relaxations for light aviation have been communicated by the BCAA (General Aviation Directorate). These relaxation has had a positive impact on the activities of Antwerp Airport.

The number of movements at the airport increased compared to April 2020. This increase in activities is the result of the resumption of local flights, as well as the flying schools resuming pilot training. Nevertheless, the number of movements was 43.5% lower than in May 2019.


The airport closed the month of May 2020 with 1,236 passengers. This is 95.6% less than in May 2019 when 27,817 passengers travelled through Antwerp Airport. The total number of passengers for the period of January to May 2020 was 49,880. That is 50.4% lower than the same period last year, where 100,644 passengers already used the airport.


The tourism sector seems to be preparing for a restart in the next few months. Antwerp airport is now fully preparing for the operational restart via an internal working group, in complete safety and in close cooperation with the Mobility cabinets, at both Flemish and Federal level. Management therefore strongly believes that the small scale of the airport is a major asset since measures such as social distancing can be guaranteed much more easily. Antwerp airport is also looking carefully at a possible restart of the scheduled services during the summer. Nevertheless, this restart may be limited by a reduced flight schedule.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020